June 19, 2021

Live Hacking Book Sees Strong Sales on Amazon.com; New Distribution Channels to Open Before the End of the Year

Live Hacking, a recently published guide to hacking techniques and countermeasures for ethical hackers, has seen strong sales on Amazon.com and now new distribution channels have been put into place to make the book available world wide by the end of December.

Dr. Ali Jahangiri, a world-renowned computer security expert, is pleased to announce that sales of his new book Live Hacking, a complete guide to the techniques of hacking written to instruct and educate IT professionals, have been a huge success via the online store Amazon.com. Although Amazon.com ships world wide, it is primarily targeted to the North America market. To make Live Hacking available to a wider audience, new distribution channels will be available before the end of the year.

Live Hacking, which covers all of the important aspects of ethical hacking and starts with Basic Hacking Terminology and progresses to look at the different areas of hacking and security, has an accompanying website livehacking.com. Here you can find a sample chapter from the book on Wireless Networking Hacking. This chapter covers simpler topics like Wardriving and Warchalking as well as advanced topics like How To Perform an Attack on WEP & WPA and Rogue Access Points.

Considering the specialist nature of the topics covered in Live Hacking, the sales of the book have been a huge success. Written in a clear and easy to understand way the book aims to educate, train and inform. It is recommended for anyone working in IT with an interest in security.

By the end of the year Live Hacking will be available in new distribution channels which will reach a larger audience through more outlets including: retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions, wholesalers, and distributors world wide. The book will be available in five continents and many reputable local book stores will have Live Hacking on the shelves.

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