June 19, 2021

Popular Ethical Hacking Book ‘Live Hacking’ Now Available in India With a Special Price

Live Hacking: The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Techniques & Countermeasures for Ethical Hackers & IT Security Experts is now available in India from ETA NET Serve Pvt. Ltd at half of the international sales price.

Dr. Ali Jahangiri, a world-renowned information security expert, is pleased to announce that his popular ethical hacking book ‘Live Hacking: The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Techniques & Countermeasures for Ethical Hackers & IT Security Experts’ has a new dedicated distributor in India. The book is now available from ETA NET Serve Pvt. Ltd, the publisher of Hakin9 Magazine for India, for only $25 which is half the international sales price.

Live Hacking is a complete guide to the techniques of hacking and is written to instruct and educate IT professionals. It has been a great success via the online store Amazon.com. Although Amazon.com ships world wide, it is primarily targeted to the North America market. To make Live Hacking available to a wider audience in India Dr. Ali Jahangiri has partnered with  ETA NET Serve Pvt. Ltd and lowered the price.

Dr. Jahangiri’s book looks at the principles, theories and practices of hacking and empowers readers to protect themselves from potential threats. The book is truly comprehensive and starts with Basic Hacking Terminology and progresses to look at the different areas of hacking and security including Google Hacking, Password Cracking,  Malware and hacking on Wireless Networks.

‘India has a vibrant and strong community of IT professionals and network administrators with an interest in information security’ said Dr. Jahangiri. ‘I am very pleased to be able to offer this new distribution channel there and cut the price.’

The Live Hacking book also has an accompanying website livehacking.com where you can find a sample chapter on Wireless Networking Hacking and other information about the book including the table of contents and index. Livehacking.com also contains information about other projects in the ‘Live Hacking’ brand including details of the Live Hacking Workshops and the Live Hacking Linux distribution.

Dr Jahangiri runs the Live Hacking Workshops internationally to introduce IT professionals to the world of hacking, while the Live Hacking Linux distribution provides the tools needed to perform penetration tests and ethically hack on your own network to ensure that it is secure from outside intruders.

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