June 8, 2020

DecaffeinatID: A Very Simple IDS / Log Watching Application / ARPWatch For Windows

Adrian Crenshaw from Irongeek.com developed a utility to monitor Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) in Windows OS to detect ARP related attacks.

According to the project website, DecaffeinatID is a simple application that acts as an Intrusion Detection System to notify the user whenever other users at their local Wi-Fi hotspot/ LAN are up to the kind of “reindeer games” that often happen at coffee shops and public places.

DecaffeinatID watches the Windows logs for three types of activities such as:

  • New or changed ARP table entries
  • New events in security log
  • New events in the firewall log

DecaffeinatID is Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and Vista compatible.

Visit the project page here.

Download DecaffeinatID from: http://irongeek.com/downloads/decaffeinatid0.09.zip

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