June 18, 2021

Facebook Upgrades Security To Offer Complete Site Access Over HTTPS

Facebook have announced that from now-on the entire Facebook site can be viewed using a secure connection. Previously Facebook (like many sites) only used SSL whenever you needed to send your password to the server, but now they have upgraded their security and a secure HTTPS connection can be used for all your interactions with Facebook.

One thing to watch however is that this isn’t the default access mode for the Facebook site (although Facebook want to make it the default some time in the future). To activate secure browsing you need to edit your settings on the “Account Security” section of the Account Settings page. However Facebook are rolling out this feature slowly over the next few weeks so the secure browsing option may not have appeared in your account settings just yet.

The only real negative at the moment is that 3rd-party applications are not currently supported but Facebook promise that they are “working hard” to resolve this.

For more information on Facebook security and to take the Facebook security quiz (which was developed together with the National Cyber Security Alliance, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, and the Stop. Think. Connect. campaign) visit the Facebook Security page.

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