June 17, 2021

New Firefox Plugin to Combat Fake and Compromised Web Sites

Zscaler has released Safe Shopping, a free Firefox plugin to protect surfers from fake and compromised online stores.

Last September PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, released the results of a three month investigation which discovered that that hackers are creating 57,000 new websites each week and exploit nearly 375 high-profile brand names worldwide at any given time.

As the number of hacked and fake online stores grows, more and more and users are unknowingly falling victim to such sites and often reveal sensitive information such as credit card numbers during their purchases.

Zscaler Safe Shopping is a free Firefox plugin, which warns users when they visit a suspected domain. The plugin is continually updated whenever new hacked or fake online stores are discovered.

Although most browsers contain blacklists to prevent users from accessing known malicious sites (e.g. Google Safe Browsing, Phishtank, etc) these blacklists generally target pages that have been hijacked to redirect to malicious sites, they don’t necessarily protect the surfer from legitimate looking sites (in terms of HTML, CSS and Javascript) which in fact are offering fake services or goods.

According to Julien Sobrier, senior researcher at Zscaler labs and developer of the new Safe Shopping plugin, “Blacklists have improved their detection of traditional attacks such as fake antivirus campaigns, but attackers are now shifting to fake and compromised storefronts, which are not being detected.”

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