June 18, 2021

Update: Stars Worm Probably Just Political Bluff

It is now a couple of days since Iran claimed it was under another cyber attack but so far it has not offered any proof or given security experts any information about the worm. Simple fingerprint  information about the worm would immediately validate Iran’s claims and also allow security experts to see if examples of the worm have been found in the west.

Investigations by Live Hacking have revealed that inside of Iran there is little or no information about this worm and even Iran’s Computer Emergency Response Team have no knowledge of the attack.

Since Stuxnet also infected PC’s outside of Iran it is impossible that the new Stars worm has remained only inside the borders of this middle eastern country. When (and if) Iran publish more data on the worm it can be analysed thoroughly. If they don’t published any more information this will just been seen as another attempt at political misdirection.

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