June 18, 2021

Black Hat: Document Exploit Techniques

(LiveHacking.Com) – Sung-ting Tsai (AKA TT) and Ming-chieh Pan have demonstrated, live at the Black Hat conference, multiple ways in which Microsoft Word documents can be exploited and used to deliver malware.

Although Microsoft has implemented multiple security measures in Office and Windows, it is still possible to craft documents to exploit vulnerabilities in other media embedded in the files. For example a hybrid document can be created with an embedded Flash file and it is the Flash file which opens the way for the exploitation.

Although Adobe has also strengthened Flash by adding sandboxing to limit the ability of potential rogue processes to access local files, TT demonstrated a way to get around the new measures by using an mms:// link that will make Windows open IE, which in turn will cause Windows Media Player to open. Using that simple workaround, TT said that an attacker could create an attack that might be able to steal user’s cookies, passwords or other information.

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