June 14, 2021

Facebook Change Privacy Controls – Again

(LiveHacking.Com) – Facebook, the popular social media network, has redesigned its privacy controls allowing users to manage the sharing setting for each and every item posted online. Facebook has often been criticized over its security and privacy policies especially since it has more than 750 million active users who are posting, often personal, details to the site.

According to the blog post one of the most common privacy complaints was that users were unsure who could see their postings and that these settings could be clearer across the whole Facebook site.

To make the system more straightforward, Facebook are moving most of the privacy controls from the settings page to right next to the posts, photos and tags they affect.

Other changes include:

  • In line controls – each item on a user’s wall has individual privacy options, such as public, friends and custom
  • Tag takedown – the ability to remove tags of self, ask the person who tagged you to remove it, or block the tagger
  • Universal tagging – users can tag anyone, not just Facebook friends. Other person can choose not to accept the tagged post on their profile
  • Location tagging – geographic locations can be added in all versions of Facebook, not just mobile app
  • Profile view – the option to see how others view your profile is added above the news feed

The new privacy options will begin to be rolled out across the site from Thursday 25 August.

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