June 19, 2021

Phone Password Breaker Cracks Open the BlackBerry Password Keeper

(LiveHacking.Com) – ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. has updated its Phone Password Breaker software and added the ability to recover the master password which locks the passwords stored in the BlackBerry Password Keeper app. The new version can also unlock the financial information kept in the BlackBerry Wallet app.

The BlackBerry Password Keeper and Wallet apps allow users to store their passwords and their financial information, like credit card numbers, in a password protected store. To unlock the Password Keeper, users must enter the master password.

Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker can recover the master passwords for the Password Keeper and Wallet apps and so provide forensic investigators full access to stored login credentials and passwords in plain-text.

The Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker allows forensic investigators to open a BlackBerry backup and then it uses brute-force to recover the master passwords by trying hundreds of thousands of passwords per second.

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