June 17, 2021

Zero-day Flaws in Discovered in Various SCADA Systems

(LiveHacking.Com) – Security researcher, Luigi Auriemma, has revealed details of several zero-day vulnerabilities in various Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) products from several different vendors.

SCADA vulnerabilities have recently been of interest due to the creation of Stuxnet and its use to delay the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Combining traditional exploits with industrial control systems allows attackers to weaponize malicious code, something that previously wasn’t really possible.

The vulnerabilities are as following including links to the  advisories written by Luigi:

  • Multiple vulnerabilities in Cogent DataHub adv – adv – adv – adv
  • Stack overflow in DAQFactory 5.85 build 1853 adv
  • Multiple vulnerabilities in Progea Movicon / PowerHMI 11.2.1085: adv – adv – adv
  • Directory traversal in Carel PlantVisor 2.4.4:  adv
  • Heap overflow in Rockwell RSLogix 19 (FactoryTalk RnaUtility.dll) adv
  • Multiple vulnerabilities in Measuresoft ScadaPro 4.0.0:  adv
  • Denial of Service in Beckhoff TwinCAT  adv

This is the second set of disclosures by this researcher this year. In March, he disclosed similar vulnerabilities in SCADA products from Siemens, Iconics, 7-Technologies and Datac. His disclosures prompted the US-Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) to issue four alerts warning about the vulnerabilities.

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