June 15, 2021

Microsoft to Revoke Trust in Malaysian CA

Microsoft has issued a notice that it will shortly revoke the trust in the Intermediate Certificate Authority DigiCert Sdn. Bhd. (Digicert Malaysia) via Windows Update. The reason for the revoke isn’t that the CA has been compromised or suffered a security breach, but rather they were caught issuing certificates with weak 512 bit keys.

The requirements of the  the Microsoft Root Program are that a minimum crypto key size of RSA 2048-bit modulus is used for any root and all issuing CAs. Microsoft used to accept root certificates with RSA 1024-bit modulus however these existing legacy 1024-bit RSA root certificates were phased out at the end of last year. The fact that this Malaysian CA issued 512-bit certificates is a clear violation of Microsoft requirements.

“The subordinate CA has clearly demonstrated poor CA security practices and Microsoft intends to revoke trust in the intermediate certificates” said Jerry Bryant, Group manager, Response Communications, Trustworthy Computing.

Although Microsoft have no indication that any of the 22 certificates were issued fraudulently, however, these weak keys have allowed some of the certificates to be compromised.  These compromised certificates could allow an attacker to impersonate the legitimate owner and make a user believe they are trusting a website or signed software that was created for malicious use.

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  1. In case there are any wondering, this CA has no affiliation with US-based DigiCert, Inc.