June 19, 2021

Britain Publishes its New Cyber Security Strategy

(LiveHacking.Com) – The United Kingdom has published its new Cyber Security Strategy subtitled “Protecting and promoting the UK in a digital world.” The strategy comes after the UK hosted an International Cyber Security conference in London last month.

The UK makes more money on the Internet than it does out of agriculture and the government is forecasting that there will be 365,000 new Internet related jobs over the next five years.

“While the internet is undoubtedly a force for social and political good, as well as crucial to the growth of our economy, we need to protect against the threats to our security,” said Prime Minister David Cameron. “Cyber security is a top priority for government and we will continue to work closely with the police, security services, international partners and the private sector to ensure that the UK remains one of the most secure places in the world to do business.”

As part of the strategy the UK government want to create a cyber security ‘hub’ that will allow the Government and the private sector to exchange actionable information on cyber threats and manage the response to cyber attacks. Five business sectors – defence, telecoms, finance, pharmaceuticals and energy will take part in a pilot that will begin in December.

They are also looking a ways to use GCHQ’s world-class expertise in cyber security in the commercial sector. Since GCHQ is part of the UK’s security services this needs to be done without compromising the agency’s core security and intelligence mission. This move is quite radical and can be likened to the American government opening the doors to the NSA.

To tackling cyber crime, the strategy sets out plans to expand the number of specialists in the Police force who are trained in cyber crime and to create a new cyber crime unit. The new unit will help deal with the most serious national-level cyber crimes and to be part of the response to major national incidents.

There are also plans to create a new Defence Cyber Operations Group with in the Ministry of Defence. The group will develop new tactics, techniques and plans to deliver military cyber capabilities.

You can download a copy of the strategy here.

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  1. When will they learn that it should never be called “military cyber capabilities”? It is the intelligence departments not military that manage this as it has nothing to do with war. The internet has about as much to do with war as beating up a homeless man for a candy bar has to do with providing for your family, it is disgraceful. And next off why “cyber” that is a slang term from the word cybernetics which has to do with the relation of machine to flesh such is sexting.

    All of this is just a challenge to net neutrality.