May 17, 2020

Bitdefender Releases Carrier IQ Finder for Android

(LiveHacking.Com) – Carrier IQ has been very much in the headlines this week with accusations, rebuttals and counter accusations over privacy deficiencies in Carrier IQ’s mobile phone diagnostic system. The system is shipped by default on a number of Android based mobile devices.

Although designed “just” to help carriers improve their networks there are concerns that the software is tracking and recording more than it should.

As a result Bitdefender have created a new tool that identifies the presence of the controversial mobile network diagnostic tool.

“Bitdefender values users’ privacy and their right to take informed decisions when entering a deal with a mobile carrier,” said Alexandru Balan, senior Product Manager of the Bitdefender Mobile Unit. “Although the manufacturer claims that only some of the information provided through the Carrier IQ application is used by the carrier, the amount of personal data the app has access to raises serious privacy concerns.”

Unfortunately the Bitdefender tool isn’t able to disable or uninstall the Carrer IQ app as it is deeply buried in the device firmware.

The application can be freely downloaded via the Android Market here.

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