June 14, 2021

Symantec Working with Unnamed Law Enforcement Agency

(LiveHacking.Com) – Following my blog post about Anonymous releasing the source code for pcAnywhere, Symantec has contacted us here at LiveHacking.com with further details of the events leading up to the uploading of the source code. Symantec are underlining the following things:

  1. Symantec did NOT offer a bribe to Anonymous. Anonymous tried to extort Symantec for money to withold posting of additional source code. (As a point of clarification – I didn’t say that Symantec offered a bribe and have never inferred it, the original blog post said that the hacker YamaTough asked for $50,000 not to release the source code).
  2. The e-mail string posted on Pastebin by Anonymous was actually between them and a fake e-mail address set up by law enforcement.
  3. Once Symantec saw that it was a clear cut case of extortion, they contacted law enforcement and turned the investigation over to them. All subsequent communications were actually between Anonymous and law enforcement agents – not Symantec.

“The communications with the person(s) attempting to extort the payment from Symantec were part of the law enforcement investigation.  Given that the investigation is still ongoing, we are not going to disclose the law enforcement agencies involved,” said Cris Paden of Symantec in his email to us.

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