May 17, 2020

McAfee Says Malware Surpassed 75 Million Samples in 2011

(LiveHacking.Com) – McAfee has released its Q4 2011 Threat Report (a PDF) and it shows that last year McAfee collected over 75 million unique malware samples! It also shows that 2011 was by far the busiest periods for mobile malware with Android the number one target for writers of mobile malware.

The most common type of Android malware is the for-profit SMS-sending Trojans, which earn cyber-criminals significant amounts of money by sending messages to premium services. The rooting Android devices is getting easier and easier and there are now apps which combine vulnerability exploits to root phones with the click of a button. However the downside of this is that malware writers can repackage the very same root exploits apps with malware.

There is a sliver of good news in that the overall growth of PC malware is on the decline and is much lower that this time last year. The report also noted a continued decline in Fake AV malware with AutoRun and password-stealing Trojan malware showing only slight declines. However the context of this is that McAfee’s cumulative number of unique malware samples exceeded the 75 million samples.

In Q4 2011, the most common type of remote attack was via vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows remote procedure calls. This was followed by a very close race between SQL-injection and cross-site scripting attacks. The result is that the number of reported data breaches has more than doubled since 2009 with more than 40 breaches publicly reported in Q4 alone.

“Although the release of new malware slowed a bit in Q4, mobile malware continued to increase and recorded its busiest year to date,” Dave Marcus, Director, Security Research at McAfee said in a blog post.

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