May 17, 2020

iOS 6 apps need user permission to access personal data

(LiveHacking.Com) – The incredible growth of Internet enabled smartphones and tablets means that malware authors have targeted these devices in their attempts to make illegally gained income. One of the most valuable types of information on a smartphone is the personal information like contacts, calendars, reminders and photos. Android and iOS have both had their shares of privay scandals including the Carrier IQ snopping incident and Apple’s locationgate problems.

According to a MacRumors report, new clauses have been added to the ‘Data Privacy’ section in Apple’s iOS 6 Release Notes:

In addition to location data, the system now asks the user’s permission before allowing third-party apps to access certain user data, including:

– Contacts
– Calendars
– Reminders
– Photo Library

For contact, calendar, and reminder data, your app needs to be prepared to be denied access to these items and to adjust its behavior accordingly. If the user has not yet been prompted to allow access, the returned structure is valid but contains no records. If the user has denied access, the app receives a NULL value or no data. If the user grants permission to the app, the system subsequently notifies the app that it needs to reload or revert the data.

Previously, an app only needed to get permission when it wanted to access the GPS data but with iOS 6, explicit permission is now requested when the media gallery is accessed because of the location meta-data stored in the photos.

iOS 6 is currently a developer preview and is expected to be released  in the last quarter of this year.

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