June 17, 2021

Apple to includes Windows style auto update feature in OS X Mountain Lion

(LiveHacking.Com) – Apple is to add a Windows style update service to OS X Mountain Lion that will automatically install required patches for users. In a recent update to the developer preview of Apple’s newest operating system for its line of Mac computers, Apple included what it called “Security Test Update Test 1.0.”

According to MacRumors, the “Security Test Update Test 1.0.” tests the new Mountain Lion Security Updates system. The new system includes:

  • Daily Checks for required security updates
  • The ability to install required security updates automatically or after restarting your Mac
  • A more secure connection to Apple’s update servers.

Previous versions of OS X including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion only downloaded updates after notifying the user and waiting for the user to accept and start the downloads. Apple also mentioned that it has increased the security used in the connections between an individual Mac and Apple’s update servers. This is probably in response to the additional hardening measures Microsoft recently rolled out for its Windows Update service due to the discovery that the Flame malware was using Windows Update to propagate itself.

OS X 10.8. also includes other security features like Gatekeeper which will restrict the installation of downloaded applications based on their source. It has three modes: users can allow applications to be installed only if they are downloaded from the Mac App Store, or if they are downloaded from the the Mac App Store and trusted developers; or from anywhere.

Apple has not revelaed the release date for Mountain Lion, but if it follows the same pattern it did with the release of Lion then Moutain Lion will come out on July 25. Apple has however announced that the upgrade will cost just $19.99 and be available in the Mac App Store.

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