June 18, 2021

New Twitter account shows that people post credit card details online

(LiveHacking.Com) – There is a saying in some parts that “there is one born every minute” and it usually refers to those who, how can it be put politely, have been known to act unwisely! A new twitter account @NeedADebitCard has been setup to search Twitter for pictures of people’s credit and debit cards. You might think that it should return zero results but unfortunately quite the opposite is true.

It seems that the elation of either receiving a new credit/debit card in the post or the joy of finding a lost card is causing people to take photos of their cards and post them online. From the photos the card number, the card holder and the expiry date are all clearly visible.

For example one twitter user wrote “Just found my credit card” and then published a link to an Instagram photo of the card. Another simply wrote “My credit card !!yey” and then again included a link to a photo of the card. Still another wrote “MY CREDIT CARD !” and again included a full photo of the card. One enthusiastic user wrote “Had to twitpic my debit card so shamar knw i aint playing no games about this bet!” I could go on….

Interestingly, some of the pictures posted using Instagram seem to have been deleted. Is this because Instagram are deleting them to help protect users? However this hasn’t stopped the popularity of the account which now has over 4,500 followers and is growing daily.

Enough information is being posted for criminals to attempt to use the card information in ‘card not present’ purchases, which don’t require the CVV or CVC security numbers found on the back of the cards.

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