May 18, 2020

TechRadar re-opens site after re-engineering the way it stores user data, but forums remain shut

(LiveHacking.Com) – Earlier in the summer popular British technology site suffered a security breach in which email addresses, usernames, dates of birth and encrypted passwords were stolen. The technology website has now announced that it has completed its work to re-engineer the way it stores user data. As a result users are now able to log in and add comments again.

As a security precaution, users will be asked reset their password when they first log back into site. As part of that process users will be sent an activation code to their registered email address.

However the site decided not to re-open its forums. Soon after the breach TechRadar emailed its users explaining that “the forums have been closed and will remain closed until we are satisfied that there are no further issues and the forum can be safely restored to service.” This led to the assumption that the breach happened via the forums.

“Whist rebuilding our authentification system, we took the difficult decision not to re-open the forums but to instead encourage discussion within the site comments and via our social networks,” said Nick Merritt of TechRadar in an email sent to users today.

If you used your TechRadar password on any other websites make sure you have changed them as well.

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