May 19, 2020

Swiss intelligence agency admits to CIA and MI6 that its counter-terrorism data has been stolen

(LiveHacking.Com) –  It looks like the Swiss intelligence agency (NDB) has suffered a massive theft of data relating to counter-terrorism. Since this data was shared with the Swiss by foreign governments it means that the information could be potentially harmful for many of the world’s intelligence services including those in the USA and UK.

Covert organizations like the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) have routinely given the Swiss access to counter-terrorism data as well as other spy data. As a result the United States and Britain were among those who were warned that the data could have been put in jeopardy,

The theft is purported to have been made by a senior IT technician for the NDB. He was arrested last summer and then later released while an investigation was conducted. It is thought he intended to sell the stolen data to foreign officials or commercial buyers. Having become disgruntled at his job, it is alleged that he downloaded terabytes of data onto portable hard drives and then walked out with the devices in a backpack.

Although the Swiss authorities seized the portable drives with the stolen data when the rogue administrator was arrested and although they believe that they retrieved the drives before he had an opportunity to sell anything, the Swiss can’t be 100% sure that he didn’t pass on any of the information before his arrest. That is why they were obliged to notify their foreign intelligence partners about the compromise.

In the months running up to his arrest the employee did display some classic warning signs that should have been spotted earlier. At one point the man stopped showing up for work all together. However the NDB didn’t know that something was wrong until UBS, the largest Swiss bank, flagged a potentially suspicious attempt to open a new numbered bank account. The account was traced to the technician.

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