June 18, 2021

US Navy having to protect itself from 110,000 cyber threat per hour

(LiveHacking.Com) – Back in 2010 HP took over the running of the Navy’s Intranet and the company is also working with the Navy to help it transition to a Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN). The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) is a shore-based enterprise network that provides a single integrated, secure network for the Navy’s use. After the Internet the NMCI is the world’s largest network. Such a big network is prone to cyber attacks and according to V3, Hp is helping the Navy defend itselg against 110,000 cyber attacks per hour.

“For the US Navy we provide the network for 800,000 men and woman in 2,000 locations around the world, protecting them against 110,000 cyber attacks every hour,” said the head of enterprise services at HP, Mike Nefkens, at the firm’s Discover event in Frankfurt. “This means the attacks average out at about 1,833 per minute or 30 every second.”

Large  public and private institutions are always facing this growing cyber threat and governments all over the world are increasing the funding andresources needed to ensure that their networks are protected. Just recently the UK government announced plans to create a British Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a Cyber Reserves force. The UK’s CERT is to be built on the success the UK had in defending itself against online threats during the Olympics.

“Working with the private sector to improve awareness of the need for better cyber security continues to be a priority. We are now focusing our efforts on making sure that the right incentives and structures are in place to change behavior in a sustainable way,” said Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude, said in a written statement. “Government departments and agencies are working with professional and representative bodies to ensure the consideration of cyber security becomes an integral part of corporate governance and risk management processes.”

HP also revealed at its Discover event that it manages some 5.5 million mobile devices across 100 countries along with 13 billion credit card transactions every year.

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