June 14, 2021

Microsoft releases Fix It for critical Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability

fix_it(LiveHacking.Com) – Less than a week ago Microsoft revealed that version 8 of its web browser Internet Explorer suffers from a nasty remote code execution vulnerability that could catch users if they mistakenly follow a link, in an email or instant message, to a malicious website. Microsoft’s initial recommendation was to upgrade to IE 9 or IE 10 which unfortunately isn’t possible for Windows XP users.

For those stuck with IE 8, Microsoft suggested setting the Internet and local intranet security zone settings to “High” and configuring Internet Explorer to prompt before running any Active Scripting. Microsoft didn’t however mention one other important option – switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox!

If switching isn’t a option and you don’t know how to fiddle with the security zone settings, Microsoft has now released an “easy, one-click Fix it” to help mitigate this problem. The MSHTML Shim Workaround isn’t intended to be a replacement for a proper security update and Microsoft is suggesting that we all wait a day or two to see what it has planned for May’s Patch Tuesday, the implication being that the IE8 bug will be fixed then.

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