May 14, 2020

Microsoft’s Official YouTube Channel Hacked – Raises Questions Over YouTube’s Security

(LiveHacking.Com) – Over the weekend Microsoft’s Official YouTube Channel was hacked  allowing the attackers to remove Microsoft’s videos and upload their own content. The hacker’s videos where typically about 4 seconds long and called on other YouTube users to post video responses or create new background images for the channel.

During the hack the channel’s description read, “I DID NOTHING WRONG I SIMPLY SIGNED INTO MY ACCOUNT THAT I MADE IN 2006 :/.”

Sophos noticed the following comment posted during the hack: 

This is how he “hacked” the channel: He legittly made the account Microsoft when youtube wasn’t that big but the REAL Microsoft probably asked Youtube to disable it and give it to them. The flaw is that this account was probably still linked to this kid’s email and microsoft forgot to change it or whatever.

So all this kid had to do was recover this account using his old email.

Not that hard. Thats probably how the other big Channels got “hacked”.

Although this is likely to be untrue, it does raise the question on the strength of YouTube’s security. Was this simply a case of an easy to break password or is there some vulnerability in YouTube’s site that is so far unknown to Google.

As of Monday, the channel is back to normal.

New Live Hacking Channel on YouTube; Ethical Hacking Tutorials Free For All

A new channel has been created on YouTube with free educational videos on ethical and white hat hacking from

Dr. Ali Jahangiri, a leading information security expert and author of Live Hacking: The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Techniques & Countermeasures for Ethical Hackers & IT Security Experts, is pleased to announce that he has created a channel on the popular online video site YouTube to share his free educational videos on ethical and white hat hacking. The new videos form part of the growing ‘Live Hacking’ brand which includes a book, workshops and a dedicated ethical hacking Linux distribution.

The Live Hacking YouTube channel is a dedicated resource for those wanting to learn about the tools and utilities used by criminal hackers as the first step in preparing to defeat them. At the launch of the new YouTube channel, Dr. Jahangiri uploaded several tutorial videos covering a range of network tools including: p0f (the advanced passive operating system and network fingerprinting utility), dsniff (the password packet sniffer) and nmap (the utility for network exploration and security auditing).

‘I am really excited about these new YouTube videos’ said Dr. Ali Jahangiri. ‘My goal is to encourage people to take information security serious and introduce them to some fundamental tools of the trade.’

To coincide with the launch of the new YouTube channel, the website has also been updated to embed the new videos and also to launch a new ‘Free Weekly Educational Videos’ feature. also contains information about other projects in the ‘Live Hacking’ brand including details of the Live Hacking Workshops and the Live Hacking Linux distribution.

Dr Jahangiri runs the Live Hacking Workshops internationally to introduce IT professionals to the world of hacking and empower them with the knowledge they need to thwart criminal hackers. The most recent workshop was help in South Africa and was a great success.

The Live Hacking Linux distribution is a ‘Live CD’ that runs directly from the CD and doesn’t need to be installed on the hard-drive. Once booted it can be used to perform penetration tests and ethically hack on your own network to ensure that it is secure from outside intruders.

Dr. Jahangiri is publishing the YouTube videos for free to encourage IT professionals and others to enhance their knowledge and to prepare for the malicious activities of the unscrupulous hacker.