June 14, 2021

Yahoo’s Privacy Chief Moves to Google

(LiveHacking.Com) – Yahoo’s chief trust officer Anne Toth has joined Google as head of privacy for Google+. Although Google already has a privacy chief, Google needs as much help as it can get in the forming it privacy policies after it agreed earlier this year to undergo regular privacy audits for the next 20 years.

The deal, which was struck with the US Federal Trade Commission, came in the aftermath of Google’s failed Buzz social network which Google incorporated into Gmail without seeking the permission of its users. In the deal Google must hire an outside auditor to conduct an independent review of its privacy policies every two years and obtain users’ permission before altering how it shares user information with third parties.

Anne announced her move on Google+ on Friday:

Excited to be joining Google and the Google+ team next week. Today I’m enjoying my one, solitary day of unemployment. I love everyone who told me to take time off between jobs but I’m too Type A for my own good.

During her tenure at Yahoo!, Anne tried to embed privacy as part of the culture and headed a “privacy by design” approach to developing new products and features.