June 19, 2021

Intel and McAfee Unveil DeepSAFE

(LiveHacking.Com) – As part of the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel and McAfee have unveiled DeepSAFE, a new technology that is sandwiched between the OS and the CPU allowing anti-malware programs to gain an additional vantage point in the computing stack to better protect systems.

With DeepSAFE, McAfee and Intel are working to combine the power of hardware and software to create more sophisticated ways to prevent attacks. The new technology was demonstrated on stage. A system running the DeepSAFE technology was able to detect and stop a zero-day (i.e. a previously unknown) rootkit called Agony from infecting a system in real time. This technology is expected to launch in products later in 2011.

Todd Gebhart, co-president of McAfee said:

“This is a tremendous shift for McAfee and one of the biggest innovations in the security industry’s history. McAfee DeepSAFE uses hardware features already in the Intel processors to provide security beyond the OS. From this unique vantage point, DeepSAFE can apply new techniques to deliver a whole new generation of protection in real time to prevent malicious activity and not just detect infections.”