June 19, 2021

DHL Express being used as bait for malware attack

(LiveHacking.Com) – A wave of malware laden email messages claiming to be from DHL Express is being tracked by Sophos. The email messages, which claims to have information about items being shipped to your address by DHL, have a .zip file attached which contains a variant of the Bredo trojan horse malware.

Unsuspecting users who download and unzip the attachment will most likely infect their PCs with this trojan. Once installed it will copy itself to the Windows system folder and modify the registry to load automatically the next time you start your PC. Then it will contact a command and control server to download more malware including possible adware, keyloggers and fake anti-virus ransomware.

Of course, such malicious emails claiming to come from companies likes DHL, FedEx and UPS are not new, but the fact that cyber criminals are sending fresh waves of these emails means that sadly they are working.


  • Install a good anti-virus solution
  • Don’t download and/or execute attachments on emails from untrusted sources.
  • Don’t fall be deceived by unsolicited emails.