June 15, 2021

Hackers Strike at iPhone Maker Foxconn

(LiveHacking.Com) – A hacking group calling themselves SwaggSec has launched an attack against Foxconn, the Chinese company who makes iPhones for Apple, and posted data it stole from their servers on The Pirate Bay. According to the blog 9to5Mac the the data contained usernames and passwords for company employees which they were able to verify before access to the servers was shut down.

The hackers bragged about their attack on Pastebin where they cited “inhuman conditions the workers experience” as one of the motivations for the hack. They also noted that “Foxconn did have an appropriate firewall” but they hackers were able to “bypass it almost flawlessly.”

It appears that the authorization credentials for Foxconn’s chief executive Terry Gou were among those included in the posted data but the password is encrypted.