June 19, 2021

More Hacking By LulzSec While Sony Hacked Again, This Time By Idahc

It now seems as if hacking is now reaching epidemic proportions and as more and more of our lives are being moved onto “the cloud” (voluntarily and involuntarily) it looks like security breaches and loss of data is becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Over the weekend LulzSec claimed that it hacked the web site of the Atlanta Chapter of InfraGard and released a download of the user login details along with the decrypted passwords. InfraGard is a partnership of businesses, the FBI, educational entities and the National Infrastructure Protection Center designed to protect IT systems from hacker attacks. Such sites are, of course, prime targets for hackers.

LulzSec claim they attacked the web site because NATO now treats hacking as an act of war.

Once they had the list of user names and passwords, LulzSec continued their illegal activities and found that Karim Hijazi, CEO of Unveillance, used the same password for his personal gmail, and the gmail of this company. LulzSec contact contacted Karim where they claim he offered to pay them to eliminate his competitors through illegal hacking. Karmin released an official statement where he shows proof that in fact LulzSec tried to extort him and his company.

While all this was going on, a Lebanese grey hat hacker – who goes by the moniker Idahc, posted the details of 120 accounts which he claimed came from the apps.pro.sony.eu Sony web site. The web site is currently “down for maintenance.”