June 19, 2021

Jif: Security-typed Programming Language

Researchers at Comell University has developed a security-typed programming language that extends Java with support for information flow control and access control, enforced at both compile time and run time.

Jave+Information Flow or Jif and its source code for the Jif compiler and run-time system is now available for download. Jif is written in Java and is built using the Polyglot extensible Java compiler framework with reference to the project website.

Jif compiler tracks the correspondence between information the policies that restrict its use, enforcing security properties end-to-end within the system. The information flow within Jif programs will be checked first and then the Jif compiler translates them to Java programs and uses an ordinary Java compiler to produce secure executable programs.

Jif provides important features like selective, robust downgrading, language-based access control, and dynamic labels and principals.

More information is available at project website: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/jif/