June 19, 2021

Disturbing Number of Cyber-attacks Aimed at UK

(LiveHacking.Com) – Iain Lobban, director of the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has reported that a “significant but unsuccessful” cyber-attack was made on the Foreign Office and other government departments this summer.

Originally writing in the UK newspaper The Times, the director of the government’s listening centre said that the “disturbing” number of cyber-attacks on the government, industry and private individuals was a threat to the “continued economic wellbeing” of the UK.

“I can attest to attempts to steal British ideas and designs – in the IT, technology, defence, engineering and energy sectors, as well as other industries – to gain commercial advantage or to profit from secret knowledge of contractual arrangements,” said Lobban. “Such intellectual property theft doesn’t just cost the companies concerned. It represents an attack on the UK’s continued economic wellbeing.”

Lobban’s article was published to coincide with the UK London Cyber Conference which starts today (Nov 1) in London. The conference is hosted by British Foreign Secretary William Hague and it was planned that Hilary Clinton would talk at the conference. However she has had to cancel as her mother has fallen ill. Mr Hague tweeted earlier today that:

Very sorry that #SecClinton won’t be able to attend #LondonCyber today. My best wishes to her and her family at this time

The cyber-attacks on the UK targeted sensitive data on government computers, along with defence, technology and engineering firms’ designs.

Lobban also added: “Criminals are using cyberspace to extort money and steal identities, as well as exploit the vulnerable. Increasingly sophisticated techniques target individuals. We are witnessing the development of a global criminal market place – a parallel black economy where cyber dollars are traded in exchange for UK citizens’ credit card details. Tackling cyber crime matters and it is a very real threat to our prosperity.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Speak at London Cyber Conference

(LiveHacking.Com) – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be one of the main speakers at the London Cyber Conference on 1-2 November.

William Hague broke the news on Twitter:

Confirmed: #SecClinton (@StateDept) will be one of our main speakers at #LondonCyber conference 1-2 Nov. I look forward to welcoming her.

The conference is intended to bring together Governments, leading business figures, and NGOs, to build the broadest possible international consensus on how to realise the economic and social benefits of cyberspace. Part of the conference’s remit will be to consider the security aspects of cyberspace to ensure it “remains a safe and trusted environment in which to operate”.

“In Britain we believe that the time has come to start seeking international agreement about norms in cyberspace… We believe there is a need for a more comprehensive, structured dialogue to begin to build consensus among like-minded countries and to lay the basis for agreement on a set of standards on how countries should act in cyberspace,” William Hague said when the conference was announced earlier this year.

The conference comes after President Obama and the British Prime Minister David Cameron reaffirmed their close bilateral co-operation on cyberspace issues and particularly cybersecurity in May 2011.