June 15, 2021

NetScanTools Pro version 11 Released

Northwest Performance Software has announced the release of NetScanTools Pro Version 11. This network discovery and information gathering toolkit has a long history of use for ethical hacking and penetration testing.

NetScanTools Pro provides information about IP addresses, host-names, domain names, email addresses and URLs. It includes tools for active discovery, passive discovery, packet capture and packet generation as well as tools designed to retrieve information from third parties like its extensive DNS toolset and Whois tool.

NetScanToolsPro now supports IP version 6 and has a new improved GUI. New tools in NetScanToolsPro 11 include Connection Monitor, MAC Address to Manufacturer, Network Interfaces – Wireless, Routing Table – IPV4, and SNMP Scanner Tool for SNMPv3.

You can download the free version of NetScanTools Pro here.

NetScanTools is a registered trademark of Northwest Performance Software, Inc.