June 19, 2021

ElcomSoft Launches New Software To Crack BlackBerry Device Passwords

(LiveHacking.Com) – ElcomSoft have released a new version of their Phone Password Breaker (EPPB), with the ability to recover passwords protecting BlackBerry phones. Data on a BlackBerry can be protected using a password (known as the the device password) which needs to be entered every time the device it being switched on, or optionally, after a certain timeout. If the wrong password is entered more than 10 times in a row all the data on the phone is erased.

It was previously thought that cracking this device password was impossible, however now ElcomSoft say that it can be cracked in a matter of hours without any danger to the data on the phone.

However there is a caveat. To work, Media Card encryption needs to be configured and set to either “Security Password” or “Device Password” mode.

ElcomSoft estimates that about 30 per cent of all BlackBerry smartphone users opt to protect their media cards with this option, making their devices open to this attack.

To crack the password EPPB only needs the media card from the device. Using a PC with an Intel i7-970, EPPB can try 1.8 million passwords per second in wordlist mode, and about 5.9 million passwords per second in bruteforce mode.