June 19, 2021

QR Code Used to Spread Android Malware

(LiveHacking.Com) – Quick Response (QR) codes are a convient and fast way to convey information using a rectangular bar code that smart phones can scan and read. QR Codes can hold lots of different types of information including phone numbers, text and importantly URLs.

According to Kaspersky the world’s first QR code which installs malware has been found. If the QR code is scanned on an Android phone it will redirect the phone’s browser to a site where the app jimm.apk, a Trojanized version of the Jimm application (a mobile ICQ client), is  downloaded. The malware  sends several SMS messages to premium rate number 2476 (6 USD each).

Usage of QR codes for malware spreading was predictable. And as long as this technology is popular cybercriminals will use it. These two examples illustrate the very beginning of such usage and in the nearest future likely we will see more pieces of mobile malware which is spread via QR codes.