June 14, 2021

Apple Updates XProtect to Include Revir PDF Trojan

(LiveHacking.Com) – Apple has updated the minimalistic antivirus solution included with Mac OS X to detect the PDF Revir Trojan horse. The Trojan, which hides in a PDF file, infects OS X machines with multiple pieces of malicious code, including a backdoor.

The PDF  document itself is taken from a Chinese article that was circulating late last year and contains text related to political issues, which some readers could find offensive. The malware installs the backdoor, Imuler.A.

Apple added a signature for Revir on Friday to the detection engine called XProtect included with Mac OS X 10.6 and Mac OS X 10.7.

If you do accidentally get infected by this Trojan horse, F-Secure has put up manual instructions for removing the backdoor.