June 19, 2021

Beware of Fake iTunes Vouchers this Thanksgiving and Black Friday

(LiveHacking.Com) – Reports are emerging (post in German) about a wave of fake iTunes vouchers which are sent by email telling unsuspecting users that they have received a gift of $50. The emails, which have the subject line: iTunes Gift Certificate, tell the user that the certificate is in the attachment. But the attached .zip in fact contains the BredoZp-B malware.

Thanksgiving and the subsequent Black Friday are often used as bait for spammers and those trying to spread malware. Thanksgiving is a prominent US holiday and Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season when major stores and brands offering reductions and sales.

During this holiday weekend it is important to remain vigilant against fake emails and attractive offers. USA Today has posted a list of things to watch out for during this time, here is our modified summary:

Bogus emails.  Be very skeptical of emails asking you to enter any account usernames or passwords, credit card numbers or any personal information such as Social Security number and date of birth.

Personalized warnings. Phishers often send emails that warn of urgent action that needs to be addressed in connection with an IRS, Social Security or Department of Motor Vehicles matter. The scammer may even use private information culled from a simple online search or from a social network to get you to submit information or click on a viral Web link.

Innocent messages. An e-mail from a co-worker that says to open a file to see vacation or baby pictures could be a threat. The most effective phishing scams are the ones consumers least expect.

Free gifts. Like the iTunes voucher scam, emails which tell you to open and attachment or follow a link to get your gift need to be checked and double checked.