June 19, 2021

Merry Haxmas

German underground forum carders.cc, where stolen credit card data and access data for online games are traded, has once again come under attack from hacker colleagues. Over Christmas, the attackers, who call themselves “silent onlooking insiders”, temporarily managed, more or less, to get control of an exploit database (www.exploit-db.com) and the web site of the Backtrack live security CD.

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Safari in iPhone is Vulnerable to Web Attacks by Hiding Address Bar

Safari in iPhone is vulnerable to web attacks that allow malicious websites to masquerade as trusted pages maintained by banks or other entities.

The vulnerability has been discovered by security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani. The weakness stems from the ability of web developers to display pages on iPhones that push the address bar out of view, with reference to Dhanjani’s blog post that demonstrates the problem.

Dhanjani made a proof of concept demo at his website with a fake Bank of America login page for mobile phone devices to stress the severity of this security issue in Apple’s iOS.

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