June 19, 2021

BinNavi 3.0 released

Win32 Kernel Debugging utility, BinNavi version 3.0 has been released. BinNavi is a graph-based reverse engineering tool for malware analysis.  With reference to blog.zynamics.com the previous versions of BinNavi have already helped reverse engineers in the IT security industry, in governmental agencies, and academia around the world do their jobs faster and better.

New Features:

  1. Analyze code of MIPS-based devices
  2. Rename local and global variables to understand code
  3. Find out where global variables are used
  4. Quickly get back to your favorite projects, modules, and views
  5. Use a faster disassembly data exporter to get started
  6. Set conditional breakpoints to make debugging more efficient
  7. Edit the target process memory to test small patches
  8. Isolate code quickly using the improved trace mode
  9. Quickly see where variables are used
  10. Quickly recognize special instructions

More information is available at http://zynamics.com/binnavi.htm.